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Medical Guide
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Medical Guide

Medical Guide and Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Or LeDor organization is developing a Medical Guide suited to the needs of the "third generation". The Guide is intended to help those in Senior Citizens" homes and Day Centers to understand the basic medical terms concerning problems that are frequent among the golden agers as well as to explain ways to attain a healthy lifestyle.

We plan to expand the Guide to include descriptions of common medical treatments and procedures so that senior citizens will be able to cope better with health problems which they may encounter. The Guide aims to provide information in clear terms comprehensible to the layman, thereby helping to allay tension and fears among older patients.

With the help of geriatricians and in consultation with senior citizens we have also started to compile a dictionary of geriatric medical topics, each of which is presented with internet links to relevant further information.

The dictionary is divided into two parts:

a) General concepts, diseases, medical procedures, examinations and medications.

b) Guidelines for a healthy lifestyle, with links to internet sites appropriate for golden agers.


Further development of the Guide requires NIS 80,000 annually 


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