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Volunteering at Or LeDor
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Volunteering at Or LeDor

"Kav-Or" has been active for 20 years in the pediatric departments of all Israeli hospitals. The organization has set up dozens of computer rooms and with the aid of hardware, the internet and volunteers, operates a network of long distance learning for hospitalized children.

The success of the organization's activities has earned recognition from the Ministry of Education and other governmental ministries, as well as from international bodies. In the light of our achievements, we have been asked to use the experience we have gathered to serve the "third generation" and set up Computer Centers for the residents in retirement homes.

Our Aims

  1. To narrow the digital generation gap. To improve digital communication between grandparents, parents and grandchildren.
  2. To establish and run Computer Centers for the residents of retirement homes.
  3. To assist members of the third generation record their memoirs in words and pictures.
  4. To initiate, encourage and support computer based education for healthy life-styles.
  5. Cooperation with all organizations, governmental or private, in order to fulfill the aims of the Or LeDor project.
  6. To propagate the use of computers for leisure activities (such as films, news, karaoke, games etc) among the elderly.

We need volunteers in many fields:


A.   Volunteers in the Or LeDor Centers in Senior Citizens' Homes'

  • Teaching the residents and those using the Day Centers how to use computers.
  • Helping our "clients" use the computer for a wide variety of purposes.
  • Supervising the recording of life stories on the computer.
  • Preparing life stories based on oral interviews, collecting additional material and developing them into albums and presentations.
  • Assisting in gathering historical and geographical background material for life stories.
  • Managing user files and preparing monthly reports.

B.   Volunteers in Or LeDor's Head Office

  • Running databases of our volunteers.
  • Contacting organizations and private concerns to enlist volunteers.
  • Assisting in typing material and translating into foreign languages.
  • Assisting in the day-to-day running of the organization – volunteering regularly for at least two hours per week.
  • Compiling detailed reports on the progress of the Or LeDor project.


C.   Volunteers on the Or LeDor Website

  • Assisting in running the website.
  • Assisting in developing the Medical Guide for Golden Agers.
  • Running the social forum.
  • Developing and running a Facebook page.
  • Coordinating the activities on the site with Or LeDor's management.
  • Developing graphics and multimedia effects for the site.
  • Filming and editing videos which will be used on the site to publicize the organization.


D.   Volunteers in the fields of Fund Raising and Resource Development

  • Setting up contacts with potential donors.
  • Assisting in running events (including fundraisers) throughout the year.
  • Publicizing fundraising events.
  • Raising donations for the "Supporters of Or LeDor" group – motivating people to make an annual donation of 120 shekels and to encourage others to become Supporters.
  • Manning Or LeDor booths at congresses.
  • Coordinating with institutes of higher education to motivate students who receive grants for doing community work to enlist in Or LeDor's program.
  • Coordinating with pensioner committees of government and private bodies to find volunteers for Or LeDor.
  • Developing mementos that will be sold to support Or LeDor.
  • Finding patrons to support Or LeDor events.


Note:  Volunteers can work in more than one field.



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