Or le Dor - E-learning activities for the elderly
Who are we
Nature and learning are related – learning changes
Man and thereby forms his Nature Democrates

Who are we

Dr. Bilha Piamenta


Dr. Amnon Shinar

Chairman of the


Peli Peled

 CE0 of People & Computers

President of Society of Friends “Or Ledor






About Us

“Kav-or” has been active for almost 20 years in the pediatric departments of all Israeli hospitals.

The organization has set up 120 computer rooms and with the aid of hardware, the internet and volunteers, operates a network of long distance learning for hospitalized children.

The success of the organization’s activities has earned recognition from the Ministry of Education,

The Ministry of Welfare and other governmental ministries, as well as from international bodies.

In the light of our achievements, we have been asked to use the experience we have gathered to serve the “third generation” and set up computer centers for the residents in senior citizens homes.






  1. To narrow the digital generation gaps between grandparents, parents and children.
  2. To establish and run computer centers for the residents of senior citizens home.
  3. To improve inter-and intra-generation communication
  4. To initiate, encourage and support education for healthy life styles
  5. To assist members of the third generation to record their life stories via electronic methods.
  6. To use the computers a tool for entertainment in free time.
  7. Cooperation with all organizations, governmental or private’ in order to fulfill the above aims.


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